We know how to make lean manufacturing work at every level of your organisation

Real improvements are underpinned by a transformational change in thinking and culture, from top to bottom of an organisation. And that’s where OptimumFX is unique.

It looks at the big picture. Not just the big picture in terms of data and the whole production line; but in terms of the way people behave in an organisation.

Their status as practitioners as well as consultants means they understand all your issues, because they’ve had those issues themselves.

OptimumFX encourages individual growth and development so all employees take individual responsibility for the company’s success. This is exactly what they encourage their customers to do. By changing the way people think about their jobs and giving them responsibility for the company’s success, they help to make lasting changes throughout whole organisations.

OptimumFX will systematically translate the way ahead into practical programmes and facilitate teams that creates the plan to  stand behind it…..we don’t walk away, we bring value to people who grow in the process.


Born in 2001, OFX was originally conceived as automation specialists and successfully developed the market leading LineView system.

In 2003 we moved away from acting primarily as ‘system supplier’ and changed the focus of our business to ‘helping customers improve productivity’.

In the last decade we have realised that only through people engagement will you get sustainable improvements. You have to inspire people to continue to improve!

This has fundamentally changed how we work

Our People

OFX was inspired to change how they did business – our values and unique way of working attracted a certain kind of person….people who accept and thrive upon a high level of accountability, like running your own business, people in OFX can grow with the business as they share in it’s success.

“Inside out business”

At OFX we believe that when we help people love what we do and do what they love and get fulfilment from that they add value at the highest possible level for our own business and the people they work with….the outcome of that is that we deliver true service and a level of results that is truly World Class…

Our Business Philosophy

Customer results driven not profit driven… comes out in the results and behaviours.

A team of experts

In our team we have six sigma black belts, fellows in manufacturing management and chartered engineers.

Our implementation teams have extensive experience working successfully at the highest levels in manufacturing environments implementing activities that drive productivity and cut costs. Our team consists of people who have worked in roles of:

  • Production management
  • Continuous improvement management
  • Automation and control
  • Software development
  • Training

We focus on personal development and growth. 

We are trained in:

  • Kepner Tregoe problem solving tools and techniques
  • Use of NLP techniques for effective communication
  • Personal coaching techniques
  • Application of lean, six sigma and theory of constraints(TOC)tools

Our practical, hands on operational and leadership training delivers results fast!

We’ve delivered it consistently for our customers.