OptimumFX has forged a close alliance with Bytronic a leading manufacturing systems development and integration specialist and have jointly developed the industry leading LineView line monitoring software system. Together they offer a unique service proposition


The combined service offering of the i3 alliance gives us all we need under one roof to support us in delivering manufacturing improvement – it’s a winning ticket!


Transforming manufacturing performance
Our engineers design and implement MES, industrial networks, vision and inspection systems. Our 100 percent inspection systems guarantee product quality and our factory information tools gather all the raw data you need to transform manufacturing performance.

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LineView Solutions

Real-time manufacturing intelligence
Our systems deliver real-time, meaningful intelligence so you can minimise the impact of production problems and make on-the-spot decisions to tackle your true causal loss.

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Rapid insights, lasting results
Our Lean practitioners help implement the behavioural change you need to take full advantage of your manufacturing performance tools – from the factory floor upwards. We get to the heart of your business in hours, not weeks, engaging your people right from the start.

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