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How we helped Coca Cola Enterprises develop their Operational Excellence Programme

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Our “IxFxA=R” formula along with “The Three C’s” evolved over years of working with world class operations.  The full process can deliver truly sustainable results. We can use our tools to help you know how you want to operate, and then standardise this and make it your way of working.  This is how we helped CCE develop their Coke Way of working.  Are you ready to develop or evolve your way of working to deliver long term sustainable results?

In the beginning…

Ian Rowledge is OptimumFX’s managing director, who started his journey as a production manager at Coca Cola Enterprises (CCE). He’s been exactly where you are now. He knows how difficult it is to identify key issues with no real data. That it’s impossible to discover the true causal losses in a system without great data.

After putting long hours in one weekend in an attempt to find true causal loss and to find that they were back to square one on Monday, Ian decided that enough was enough.

Ian shared his frustrations and his ideas for a software solution with Bytronic, CCE’s technology supplier. Together, Ian and John Dunlop, Bytronic’s technical director, started to develop a software solution that became much more than a simple line monitoring tool.

Ian left CCE to set up OptimumFX consulting in 2000 and LineView was launched.

CCE needed something that would allow them to see the bigger picture and identify true causal loss on the whole line, not just downtime on individual machines. LineView provided that: it’s an automatic, real-time data gathering tool that categorises data and presents it in exactly the way operators and managers need it, wherever they are.

CCE sites soon saw remarkable improved performance post the installation of LineView.

It was a great start. LineView is now installed in all CCE bottling facilities in Europe…

Optimum FX and CCE soon recognised that the system on its own did not improve performance….it was a bit like a car warning light system…it would identify a problem instantly but if you didn’t know what to do about it……it wouldn’t get fixed.

OptimumFX recognised standardised management routines and actions were needed to maintain improvements gained and worked closely for over a decade with CCE to develop their ‘Way’ of working, CCE’s manufacturing ‘way’ and operational excellence programmes.

Even then with these in place, something was missing as they strived for sustainable world class operational standards.

What’s missing?

Ian came to realise that improvement is really all about people engagement. You can fix machinery and tweak systems, put action plans in place; but ultimately, unless the people using the machinery and systems change, nothing else will either.

Real improvements are underpinned by a transformational change in thinking and culture, from top to bottom of an organisation. And that’s where OptimumFX is unique.

They look at the big picture. Not just the big picture in terms of data and the whole production line; but in terms of the way people behave in an organisation.

13 years with Coca-Cola Enterprises

“We have worked closely with CCE for the past 13 years helping develop CCE’s manufacturing and operational excellence methodology and being a key partner in taking CCE to world-class.

Coke have adopted and full integrated our IFA methodology into their every day working…

We’ve demonstrated that if you commit to transformational change, gather excellent data, and use it wisely, great results are guaranteed.

We have helped CCE to improve OEE by over 10% whilst also improving productivity and creating a more aligned workforce.”

Ian Rowledge, Managing Director OFX

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