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LineView Implementation

Site Performance improved by 18%

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Coca Cola Enterprises were implementing the LineView system across all their European sites. To make effective use of the system and deliver the return on investment as quickly as possible, OptimumFX was asked to provide operational support to embed the use of the system in their daily routines and behaviours.

The challenge

The CCE site in Antwerp had a manual system to gather performance loss data and this was replaced by LineView. Due to the timeframe over which the manual loss data was captured and analysed, it did not enable the relevant short term focus to be applied to identify where the losses were. Also, the team focussed on historical data analysis and actions were applied a long time after the event which did not make them effective.

How we helped

Coached the CCE Antwerp team to apply the correct focus to the LineView information so that effective actions were implemented to maximise the improvement opportunity.

The delivery of the required results depended on a combination of initiatives. The main ones were:

  • Development of super-user knowledge of LineView Analysis
  • Users’ real understanding and appreciation of why and how to maximise the system / user interface

This allowed delivery of value through regular effective tactical reviews (Short Interval Control) that drove tactical improvement actions as well as ensuring data integrity, accuracy and vital information flow.

The same process and flow of data was then applied to daily and weekly strategic reviews making the LineView System, the sole source of information that drove line performance improvement for the site.

The progress of the project was tracked regularly using the governance tool and KPI monitoring through:

  • Auditing the system
  • Testing system use
  • User engagement
  • Coaching
  • Leadership behaviour

The results

  • Overall site performance improved by 18% and achieved target for 9 of the last 11 weeks.
  • All 5 lines’ performance achieved a sustainable improvement of between 14% and 25%.