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Planned Downtime Reduction

Improving Line Utilisation (OEE) by 15% at Castanet through PDT reduction

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Coca Cola Enterprises were identifying the performance improvement opportunities that existed within many European sites. The Castanet site in Toulouse had an opportunity to optimise the changeover times. OptimumFX was asked to review the changeover process and work with the local team to reduce the times and hence improve the Line Utilisation.

The problem

Changeover audits were carried out over a 4 week period. The main purpose of these audits was to understand the frequency, organisation and duration of the various changeovers. They were also key in finding opportunities and decide what actions needed to be taken in order to improve the changeover times.

The audits revealed the following facts:

  • Changeovers were not organised in advance by team leaders
  • Targets were not set for the duration of changeovers by teams
  • Changeovers were followed by too many adjustments after start up
  • No feedback or measures were taken when a changeover exceeded the usual duration

How we helped

Visual Management: Changeover results were displayed on “The Next Changeover Board”

Action: Post each audit, feedback was given to operators and improvement actions tracked on a file shared on the server.

Based on the results and actions taken, a time matrix and a SOP for standard organisation for each changeover were produced and updated on a regular basis.

Teams were trained and coached until they were confident with the new way of working. Changeovers exceeding target time were taken seriously; reasons for non-compliance were reviewed and appropriate actions were taken. The Team Leaders used the tools to manage changeovers.

 The results

After the implementation of the new methodology, overall planned downtime reduced by 8%, resulting in an OEE improvement of 15%. Average OEE over 8 weeks increased to 66.60%.

Managing changeovers on site has become a fluid task today as Team Leaders anticipate and organise changeovers according to agreed standards.

Other CCE sites adopted the approach of Castanet site to achieve the same success.