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st louis

Our team is in St. Louis, MO this week, delivering improvements through Line Balance Optimisation with a big customer. This major global brewer is taking us as far as China next week!


OptimumFX will be starting the installation of LineView in a national beer manufacturer over the next quarter.


I’ve just been going through my RSS feeds for this week and saw this great blog entry from Seth Godin about how we deal with instances when we misunderstand the communication from a friend versus a stranger: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2009/11/benefit-of-the-doubt.html This got me thinking about where else we give the benefit of the doubt rather than probing […]


OptimumFX would like to announce that our Operations Leadership Course was accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.


Hot off the press – over the last year our team have been pulling together a leadership programme specifically targeted to help Operations professionals get even better results. We’re delighted to announce that this week the programme was endorsed by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). How often to Middle and Senior manufacturing managers get really […]


Randomly I was just drawn onto the BT website to sort out my phone bill and I came across an article on leadership that resonated with me and from which I’ve lifted the first paragraph below: “Let’s be clear – leading is different from managing. Leaders have a vision of what the company could be – its ethos, brand image […]