We’ll let you into a secret: ineffective production line balance and control is the most overlooked OEE waste!

In our 12 years of helping manufacturers improve this is the area that is least well understood and yet it is simple to apply and delivers quick-win sustainable improvement without capital expenditure.

The proven Line Balance Optimisation principles from OptimumFX deliver guaranteed improvement in production line performance.

What is Line Balance

Discover how optimising your production line setup can unlock up to 10% OEE improvement.

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Perfect Flow Model

See in action how a fast moving automated production line with accumulation conveyors should operate

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5 Levels of Control

Read about how our structured methodology can help you identify gaps between your current state and perfect flow

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Cascade Control

Discover how you can optimise machine restarts after a build back or back up stoppage to minimise downtime

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LBO Customers & Testimonials

Read about how our customers have already benefited by applying the LBO methodology

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