“We didn’t realise the missing opportunity until we audited the line using OptimumFX’s 5 Levels of Control. Ineffective line control is a hidden loss which we have now uncovered.”

Rob Stilliard, Factory Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises


“The implementation of the ’5 Levels of Control’ allowed the site to optimise line OEE. Line Balance is now engrained as part of our culture at all levels from shop floor to Senior Management.”

Trevor Newman, Factory Operations Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises


“LBO gave us great insights into our lines and showed us quick opportunities to gain up to 4% OEE improvement. The structured way the audit works and the great experience of the consultant definitely brought added value and was a refreshing new way of approaching a line setup to optimize volume output.”

Thomas De Pauw, Plant Manager, Friesland Campina


“The 5 Levels of control methodology helped identify more than 5% OEE gain. The Line Balance Optimisation process enables the line to flow better and get the most out of the accumulation on the line. I would recommend this process for all automated accumulation lines.”

Dave Barrett, Production Manager, AG Barr


“By implementing the actions out of the LBO audit helped us increase the USLE of one of our lines from around 69% to 77%. Majority of this increase is as a result of the LBO actions. With the knowledge gained from the training, we are now in the process of optimising other lines at our site. I highly recommend the Line Balance Optimisation process to get a step change in performance improvement.”

Duncan Kimani, Country Manufacturing Manager, CCSABCO – Kenya