Line Balance Optimisation is the process of optimising line performance through the effective use of automation & control philosophies.

We’ll look at the whole picture and make decisions based on wide experience, rather than look at it from the point of view of one machine or one single aspect of the line.

Your production line control can be improved when:

  • You’re running a “Traditional V-Curve” production line
  • Your accumulation conveyors are often full of product during stable running
  • There are start-up delays between machines
  • Human interaction of machines is required during stop – start process

Our Vision of Perfect Flow

In order to deliver the maximum benefits, we created a model of perfect flow and target this as being our ultimate goal.

Line Control

Perfect Flow VIDEO

Imagine your Line runs like this…

  • All equipment on the line runs in automatic with no manual intervention required.
  • In normal conditions the line speed is matched to the speed of the critical machine.
  • Minor stops on machines upstream or downstream do not affect the critical machine.
  • Extended stops affect the critical machine for a minimum period.
  • Critical machine starts almost instantaneously as the machines downstream after a build back situation.

…this is our vision of perfect flow. Our 5 Levels of Control have helped many sites work in this way.


See how we delivered 6% OEE improvement in weeks!