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Randomly I was just drawn onto the BT website to sort out my phone bill and I came across an article on leadership that resonated with me and from which I’ve lifted the first paragraph below: “Let’s be clear – leading is different from managing. Leaders have a vision of what the company could be – its ethos, brand image […]


How often do you need to know your OEE or production numbers? Daily? Hourly? Weekly? Just read this great post by Seth Godin in which he asks “Does knowing about something ten seconds or ten minutes faster really matter? Is it worth the adrenalin?” I suppose it depends on how many units per minute you’re running at! […]


To publicise our ongoing development of the XL800 OEE system we’ve recently published an article outlining the role of XL in Europe. Read our release from here: http://uk.prweb.com/releases/2009/08/prweb2696784.htm   Update 02.12.2015   XL800 is now sold through our sister company that specialises in real time monitoring systems – LineView Solutions Ltd. 6 years on, and […]


A new report from Cranfield School of Management reveals that UK owned manufacturers are changing the way they compete.   The report based on a survey of some of the UK’s biggest manufacturing plants has revealed that manufacturers are moving away from competing on price and towards offering customisation and additional services.   The report […]


This months Works Management contains an article on Performance Measurement featuring our very own Adrian Pask. The article by Marek Szwejczewski from the Cranfield School of Management (Director of the Cranfield Best Factory Awards) printed in April’s edition of Works Management. Is particularly useful if you’re thinking of benchmarking your plant against another in your sector or […]

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I just had this article on OEE hit my google alerts and think you may enjoy the authors thoughts on the pros and cons of OEE measurement. What’s interesting for me is that whilst he acknowledges the power of electronic capture systems the article is very much based on manually calculated OEE. See what you […]


Hello and welcome back from your Christmas and New Year Holidays. All the team here at OptimumFX hope that you have had a fantastic break and are back in your factories feeling charged up and invigorated after the break. On Monday we had our first team meeting of 2009 and one of our favourite topics […]

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I’ve just been reading an article in the Food Manufacturer (Rick Pendrous, 02/01/09) in which he claims that supermarkets such as Tesco are allegedly seeking as much as a 5% price drop off products such as ready meals and other core products. The article states “Tesco are very demanding,” said one chilled food supplier that was asked to cut […]


Last week I ran a series of web seminars outlining how to improve OEE by 20% using Short Interval Control techniques. I’ve had so many requests to share the presentation I’ve uploaded it to this link here: DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION ON OEE IMPROVEMENT WITH SIC Contents covered: 1. OEE systems for capturing losses to OEE: LineView and XL800 from […]


Whilst we’re sat in Rotterdam airport reflecting on 2 days at the World Trade Group 7th Annual World Food Technology and Innovation conference (http://www.foodinnovate.com/), we thought it may be worth reflecting on some of the lessons/thoughts that have come to us from the past few days. Over the last couple of days it’s been an absolute pleasure […]