The Optimum Way - Improvement-Journey

Tools and Techniques

We have developed our tools & techniques after a decade or more of practical delivery of manufacturing improvements programmes in some of the worlds leading manufacturing operations.

Combining our expertise and hands on experience in core manufacturing improvement tools, operational excellence and our proven operational leadership training and people development programmes means that we deliver rapid insights and lasting results for our customers.

By implementing the IFA methodology we saw a 10% line efficiency improvement in 6 months and a further 10% in 2 years with an overall cost saving of €2 million

Site Manager, Bluechip manufacturer, Netherlands

OFX-IFA-Diagram-0814IFA=Results: Our secret success formula

IFA is our core manufacturing improvement methodology. It’s so simple to use it can be applied to any situation. It’s a methodology that is proven to work!

Working with us you’ll be engaged in your improvement journey from the day we meet you and we’ve developed tailor made leadership & behavioural tools and techniques that we deliver on site whilst up-skilling your people to sustain change in your organisation.

This is our expertise. This is the Optimum Way. It’s something that we still learn from and develop every day.

With OptimumFX, you know you’ll get the calibre of people supporting your team to deliver sustained improvement.

Factory manager, Bacardi

World class OEE with the IFA Approach



Rigorous routines - the right decisions - sustained improvement