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Kaizen Blitz is a Rapid Improvement workshop designed to produce sustainable solutions to distinct problems within your organisation over a short period of time, usually 5 days It is a way for teams to carry out structured problem solving and process improvement in a short period of time.

At OptimumFX consulting, we use our IFA success formula to engage staff at all levels to approach the problems in a structured manner and to think outside the box to come up with the most creative and robust solutions. We will help your organisation to implement these solutions sustainably.

There are 3 stages to a blitz event

  1. Event Preparation (2 days) - Information
  2. Event Workshop (2- 4 days depending on size of problem) - Focus & Action
  3. Follow- up (1 day) - Sustainability

For a Kaizen Blitz event to be successful, we encourage staff who own/ work with the process- at different levels of the workforce to participate, i.e.

  • Senior Managers- decision makers
  • Team leaders
  • Operators/ shopfloor staff

What are the benefits? 

Quick improvement, leading to significant, measurable improvements.

Event over a short period of time- keep momentum and focus.

All relevant people involved in the workshop, getting to the root cause of issues rapidly and implementing creative. Yet sustainable solutions.

Creates engagement, alignment, accountability and ownership of new process.

If successfully implemented, can serve as a catalyst for other improvement programs within organisation.