The OFX new equipment implementation and audit process is designed to ensure that the site has all the essential elements in place during commissioning so that the equipment performance is sustained once the line/machine has been handed over to site operations and the OEM support has ceased.

  • Standardisation of your new equipment implementations – maximise performance
  • Identifies gaps against successful implementation of these processes
  • Clear identification of areas of low performance to ensure correct fix is put in place
  • Improve machine set up times
  • Creates engagement, ownership, responsibility and accountability of area/process machine
  • All contracted targets are measured against to ensure they are met for line sign off

We will understand your way of working and know your OEM contractual agreement and then help you identify and manage the gap. The recommended actions are then put in place to reduce / close these gaps and resolve any concerns and these are then assessed during the next audit.

4 simple steps

The process is carried out as a series of current state audits which identify the gaps against the relevant targets in each of the areas.

(between 5-9 days, depending on size of production line or complexity of machine being implemented)



The number of days for the project depends on size of implementation. The project kick off is usually 1 day and the other audits are over 1.5-2 days dependant on whether the site is in UK or Europe.

“The New Line Implementation process designed by OptimumFX identified the gaps during the commissioning of the line which in the past would have gone unnoticed. By applying this process supported by Information x Focus x Action = Results (IxFxA=R) formula it ensured that the site team were geared up to maintain and continue improving the performance once the line was signed off and handed over.

I have worked with OptimumFX for over 5 years now and the tools and techniques they have introduced have helped us drive performance through our people.”

Mark Ebdon, Senior Manager Manufacturing Operations, CCE Sidcup

Site’s & OEM areas of focus

Site Focus OEM Focus
Management Routines Quality
SOPs Yield
Asset Care Energy
Spare Parts OEM Changeovers
Training Equipment Performance (MTBF, Eff)
Objectives Line Performance (Speed, Line Eff, noise level, etc)
Manning Levels Line Control
Changeovers Snags
Machine Performance (CI responsibility)

“Before we used this tool we were often making thousands of pound investments without knowing if they were delivering against our contract before signing and paying them off”