Changeovers are one of the Six Big Losses of OEE and are generally not identified as being one of the top losses. By managing your changeovers can improve your productivity significantly.

We’ll help you reduce planned downtime significantly. By up to 30% within weeks and up to 90% in the mid -long term depending on how much can be automated.

By using our IFA methodology we look at improving your overall changeover processes by:

  • Capturing accurate changeover data
  • Implementing targets to achieve
  • Implement a process for on-going review of the top looses
  • Identify actions to address the losses
  • Facilitate a SMED activity for optimising the changeovers

By looking at the overall process ensures that right focus is applied to the relevant losses and creates engagement from all involved to help optimise the time.

We tailor this package for the requirements of the clients and based on the information available.

See how we've helped this site to reduce changeover time and increase OEE by 15% !

 SMED workshop

Once relevant data is available to identify the changeover event to optimise, a SMED workshop will be carried out which usually takes around 3 days.

The SMED workshop consists of the following:

·  Training in the SMED methodology

·  Carry out a SMED activity on the identified changeover

·  Review and assign actions

·  Implement all quick actions

·  Create a standard procedure

What are the benefits?

·  Reduction in loss increasing productivity

·  Increase in Safety and Quality

·  More accurate production planning

·  Team engagement


Have you ever run a post-it note session and by the time you’ve practiced your procedure all your post-it notes have fallen off the wall?

  • Have you ever run a SMED group, come up with some great ideas during the session and then lost clarity on follow up?
  • How frustrating is it to create your new procedure and then have to manually write up work instructions?

The OptimumFX SMED Tool will help you to:

  • Create and store multiple procedures to share with your teams.
  • Print detailed operator work instructions or summary team work instructions.
  • Create 1 procedure and model for teams of 1,2,3-10 people to assess the benefit of up-manning on changeovers.
  • Simple reports help you to easily track the actions needed to further improve your process.
  • Every stage comes with training notes developed from our experiences implementing SMED across UK manufacturing sites.

With the SMED tool you can create and store multiple procedures to be shared amongst your teams.