World class OEE. Not just today. Not just tomorrow. Why not for the rest of your life?

Making one off changes for improvement is one thing. Sustaining your manufacturing improvements over the long-term is another. OptimumFX doesn’t offer quick fixes. We help you create a new way of working, one that will take you to world class OEE status and keep you there.

Management routines - Informed decision making

Manufacturing and production isn’t simple. It involves complex processes, teams of individuals and multiple shifts.

Tactical and strategic decision making using meaningful data gives your business real focus and daily momentum.

Management routines….we’ll put them in place with you and up skill your people so that they can maintain performance without our help.


Success depends on change supported right at the top of the organisation. You need to understand how well the review structure is working: auditing meetings, reviews and outputs enables you to check how effective your changes are and learn from experience.

Audit & review

We provide assistance with understanding how well the review structure is working. Auditing the meetings, reviews and outputs. When this auditing is done and it is focused on checking effectiveness and to learn, it can be a very powerful tool to assist the change journey.

Project Management

All our projects will be defined with you using a project charter to ensure there is absolute clarity of our end result. We get buy in with the team and know what we expect the end result to be. We will then formulate a specific project management method to ensure we deliver on time and in full. We finish all our projects with Formative and Summative evaluation – to ensure we meet our deadlines and targets.


When we help implement a new way of working, we will develop a customised governance tool to ensure we achieve the expected results. By the time we leave you’ll have everything you need to be able to sustain this yourselves.

Management routines

We do simple things to an exceptionally high level delivering excellence through people on site

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Project Management & Governance

Specific project management methods with customised governance for sustainable change

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