Make sure every action you take and every investment you make WILL result in performance improvement. The secret to achieving world-class OEE is the ability to make the right decisions on the spot – but it also means making long-term strategic plans.

Optimum FX can help you to implement a robust management review and monitoring programme to underpin this:

  • Short interval/tactical management: immediate analysis of real-time data to make ‘fire-fighting’ decisions on the spot
  • Daily/24-hour tactical reviews: focus on your current biggest issues without wasting time or energy elsewhere
  • Weekly & Monthly strategic reviews: identify trends and patterns, and root causes, for long-term strategic goals and planning

All this is supported by good-quality data. Without it, you cannot hope to make informed decisions about where losses are occurring and what you can do about them.


Intelligent decision-making

We will help you focus on your true causal loss, the machines & areas that will make the biggest difference. It’s not enough to know when and why a machine was down; the really valuable information is the effect it has on the critical machine or bottleneck area.

All decisions should be based on good-quality data, not gut feelings – this is the link between action and performance improvement.