Take a look at the big picture

You’re working hard to solve problems in your production area – but is your overall performance really improving? OptimumFX can open your eyes to the real losses in your business. Then we’ll show you how to make immediate and sustainable improvements.


Identify the issues with the biggest impact on your overall manufacturing performance in just two days.

We’ll go right back to the start with an operational opportunity analysis to review the current state of your site.

  1. Information: do you have data? If you do, is your data good enough?
  2. Focus: are you focusing on the right areas? do your operators have what they need?
  3. Actions: are you doing what you need to do to fix the problems?
  4. Sustaining Change: do your employees believe in what they’re doing? Will change last?

Then Optimum FX will show you how to tackle your most pressing issues.

And if you don’t believe we have provided value, you won’t pay us a penny. “No win, no fee, no risk

When you know where you are now, you can decide where you want to be.

IFA Opportunity Analysis

Improved manufacturing performance guaranteed. No win, no fee, no risk.

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Data Analysis & Interpretation

Accurate, reliable and relevant data – leads to good decisions

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LineView Solutions

Manufacturing intelligence – Find the true cause with real-time data

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