Learn how to reduce loss and dramatically improve performance in our full IFA analysis taking just two days. Within minutes, we’ll help you get right to the heart of your performance issues. And in a few hours, we’ll demonstrate how you can fix them.

We can go to the factory floor and identify opportunities in minutes – how you can reduce loss to improve manufacturing performance

When we undertake an opportunity analysis, we gather our own data and compare it to your existing data. Then we show you what’s really happening on your factory floor.

Before you can decide where you’re going, you need to know where you are. OptimumFX will take you back to basics, conducting a two-day audit on your manufacturing operation.

We’ll demonstrate in five minutes how you can reduce loss and make significant improvements. We put the focus on your most important issues, so you can put your resources where they’ll have the biggest impact on your performance.

The IFA Opportunity Analysis

OptimumFX is skilled at helping customers to look at their manufacturing processes from a different angle. Our shop floor audit helps organisations to see where their issues really are, not where they think they are.

Our IFA Analysis answers these key questions:

  • What drives most cost in your business?
  • What are the biggest opportunities?
  • How accurate is the data you’re using to make making decisions?
  • How well are your data & systems understood?
  • How effective are your operations meetings and daily routines?
  • How good is your line control / factory balance?
  • What is the depth of knowledge in manufacturing and continuous improvement best practice in your factory?

Our 5 level assessment tool will give you concise accurate assessments of where you are – simply we help you understand if your manufacturing process are up to world class standards – Do you have them, are they documented, do you do them, are they done well and does it have the impact we’d expect?

Our opportunity analysis is the first step on your OEE improvement journey. The next step is up to you. Contact us or call us today on 01564 793211 and start transforming your business.

What OptimumFX revealed in two days was astounding and it provided the backbone of a years worth of improvement activity at our site

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