Intelligence, process, actions are not enough…you need to engage people to create real sustainable change…a sustainable OE culture.

It’s the culture we help create…


We recognise at OFX that to be truly world class you have to engage your employees

From our own experience, it’s the only sure way to keep new management routines and management actions going, and continuously improve them. Otherwise short term gains are lost – and the grass simply grows back.

Our focus around employee engagement ensures that the organisation delivers sustained improvement when we leave!


It’s the HOW of the Optimum Way

At OFX we are not general manufacturing consultants – our people are also people specialists with years of leadership skills training and a shared passion for inspiring people to help themselves reach new levels of performance, break down silos and create new ways of working.

It’s not new to us…we’ve been doing it for years and have helped shaped many organisations including Coca Cola Enterprises.

As soon as we meet you, you’ll be engaged in the process from gaining rapid insights and creating desire for change – CLARITY through data.

Building business CAPABILITY  - Embedding leadership skills and methodology

Gain peoples COMMITMENT by changing peoples behaviour through engagement.

We believe in practical based programmes in your environment to demonstrate and deliver results building confidence in your team that they can make a difference. We work alongside your people to turn your strategy into reality.

We act as personal leaders, coaches and offer training on site and inspire people see things differently

Our range of services range offered can be tailor made to meet your needs – from 5 min “one point lessons” to enterprise level leadership programmes that have successfully transformed World leading organisations.

OptimumFX’s leadership training and coaching really works, because their practitioners came from the factory floor. They know what works, and what is required for operational excellence.

To hear more about how we can inspire your organisation to reach and sustain world class performance – The Optimum Way.

Clarity – Create Desire for Change

Create one team with a shared vision of the future

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Capability – Operational Leadership

Develop the teams skills to sustain improvements themselves

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Commitment – Increase Personal Effectiveness

Increase your effectiveness – Increase fulfilment

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