What is Operational Leadership?

Operational Leadership identifies key risk factors that affect individual and team performance we offer bespoke programmes tailor made to the needs of organisations designed to provide a standardised approach that will assist employees in assessing and managing risk throughout the organization.

Leadership will help everyone achieve a higher level of professional excellence by creating and fostering a work environment that seeks out and values input from employees who are best equipped to make decisions within the organization.

Everything we do in the workplace involves some degree of risk.

Understanding the core compenents of Operational Leadership help employees identify those human factors in the workplace and provide tools for individuals and teams to use in assessing and mitigating risks.

Our Operational Leadership programs empowers employees encourages them to participate in the decision making and risk management process.

To successfully do this, each of your employees must be able to inspire, influence, and guide. This is the essence of leadership.

OFX Operational Leadership – Skills Development Tools

  • The 6 Human Needs
  • Conditioning – break out of the box
  • Change Anything Summary
  • Health & Daily Habits
  • Paradigm thinking
  • Situational Leadership
  • Getting Things Done
  • Feedback Sandwich
  • Presentation skills
  • Team Development Stages
  • SERVE Model
  • Presenting to Inspire
  • Teaching Frame
  • Aces in Places
  • GROW
  • Helicopter Leadership
  • Learning Ladder
  • Team work
  • Speed of Execution
  • 1:1′s
  • Recognition
  • ABC Performance Management

We offer a range of services from simply working alongside your teams coaching to inspire them to grow, through to enterprise level development programmes to enhance your teams leadership capabilities.

The training provided by OptimumFX is 100% relevant to production in a bottling plant. Our thinking has been changed by this training, and my production team has now been provided with the skills and knowledge needed to lift our production performance to a new level.

Stephen Tully, Production Manager – Coca-Cola Bottlers Ulster Ltd.