Need a business strategy and a real desire to change? Creating a Gap is our simple 5 step methodology to create one team – one vision.


It’s simple and it works – We will work with you from start to finish to set a clear vision, stimulate desire from engaging people in the strategy process…and get you  to your where you want to be and sustain improvements coming out of it – in 5 simple steps.

  1. Engage the whole team from the start to create real engagement in the vision and a desire for change. Establish team values and underlying behaviours.
  2. Current state: Give data meaning – looking at data, analysis, losses, opportunities and audits.
  3. Future state – with an agreed timescale, set clear vision of where you want to be stated positively as if you’ve already achieved it
  4. Identify change initiatives, projects to fill the gap and develop milestones plans and tracking proceudres for the coming 12 months. Determine what should be done, any capacity skills gaps and assign responsibilities and due dates for the projects/initiatives.
  5. Review and repeat once significant change has been achieved

5 steps to building a Business strategy and Plan - Create a Gap Planning tools

Our Create a Gap strategic planning tool & methodology was developed in conjunction with CCE and led the way for 5,000 employees. Used now by many other organisations- it provides a simple but very effective framework to gain clarity of direction and enables even complex organisations to share vision & direction at an enterprise level.

The day proved to be very successful with immensely positive and united view of where we want to go – The strategy day made the group look into their current practice and find coherent steps to move forward.

Montessori foundation May 2013