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We have a rich history of helping manufacturers deliver more from their existing equipment and people. Our skilled Operational Excellence practitioners now form an integral part of the LineView Solutions’ Operational Improvements team.

We know how to make lean manufacturing work at every level of your organisation

OptimumFX has always argued that real manufacturing improvements are underpinned by a transformational change in thinking and culture, from top to bottom of an organisation. Great quality data only delivers improvement when it’s aligned with the way people behave in an organisation. In 2001, OptimumFX partnered with the technical wizards at Bytronic Automation to create the market-leading LineView system, based on OFX’s concept of perfect line monitoring: something we call “True Causal Loss”. This perfect partnership has provided the combination of manufacturing engineering expertise and an absolute focus on ‘helping customers improve productivity’ to deliver real change within our manufacturing customers.

Over the years, it has taken both the technical brilliance of the dedicated LineView Solutions team and the operational improvement focus and drive of our OptimumFX practitioners to deliver enormous value to our customers. OFX systematically translates the way ahead into practical programmes and facilitate teams that create their plan to stand behind it. It, therefore, made complete sense for us to combine forces and formally integrate our Operational Improvements team into LineView Solutions. All of our excellent learning materials can be found on OFXacademy.com and our fabulous team are now part of LineView.com. We are, of course, still available on enquiries@optimumfx.com!

IFA=Results: Our secret success formula

IFA is OptimumFX’s core manufacturing improvement methodology.

Now also deeply rooted into the way we deliver sustainable manufacturing improvements with LineView Solutions, applying this formula is proven to deliver results!

What People Have Said About Us

OptimumFX specialise in helping companies in the FMCG manufacturing sector, but we have transferred our knowledge and expertise into many different sectors helping a broad range of partners on their OEE journey. 

“We didn’t realise the missing opportunity until we audited the line using OptimumFX’s 5 Levels of Control. Ineffective line control is a hidden loss which we have now uncovered.”

Rob Stilliard, Factory Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

By implementing the IFA methodology we saw a 10% line efficiency improvement in 6 months and a further 10% in 2 years with an overall cost saving of €2 million

Site ManagerBlue Chip Manufacturer, Netherlands

“The implementation of the ’5 Levels of Control’ allowed the site to optimise line OEE. Line Balance is now engrained as part of our culture at all levels from shop floor to Senior Management.”

Trevor Newman, Factory Operations Manager, Coca-Cola Enterprises

What OptimumFX revealed in two days was astounding and it provided the backbone of a years worth of improvement activity at our site.

Howard Garbutt Johnson Juice Co

OptimumFX has transformed the productivity of our injection moulding operation, helping to deliver a 100% improvement in less than six months.

Paul Thomas, CEO Manufacturing – Games Workshop

With OptimumFX, you know you’ll get the calibre of people supporting your team to deliver sustained improvement.

Factory ManagerBacardi

OptimumFX are very proactive and innovative: always looking for gaps to improve. They are also very honest about where they can help and where they cannot. I find the relationship and approach refreshing. OptimumFX’s strength lies in the fact that they can be trusted as a partner – when they say they are going to do something, they do it! – They make things happen

Trevor Newman, Operations Director – Coca-Cola Enterprises ltd

Working alongside OptimumFX was a very positive experience, as they are committed to making a real difference with bespoke training solutions, not just to drive our business performance, but also in the development of our people.

Joanne Dodd Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd

The 5 Levels of control methodology helped identify more than 5% OEE gain. The Line Balance Optimisation process enables the line to flow better and get the most out of the accumulation on the line. I would recommend this process for all automated accumulation lines.

Dave Barrett, Production Manager, AG Barr

Line Balance Optimisation (LBO)

We’ll let you into a secret: ineffective production line balance and control is the most overlooked OEE waste! The proven Line Balance Optimisation principles from OptimumFX deliver guaranteed improvement in production line performance.

What if you could gain up to 10% OEE with better line control and line balance? We’ll show you how with minimal CapEx with this free 7-week crash course, delivered straight to your mailbox!

By implementing the actions out of the LBO audit helped us increase the USLE of one of our lines from around 69% to 77%. Majority of this increase is as a result of the LBO actions. With the knowledge gained from the training, we are now in the process of optimising other lines at our site. I highly recommend the Line Balance Optimisation process to get a step change in performance improvement.

Duncan Kimani, Country Manufacturing Manager, CCSABCO – Kenya

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Our skilled Operational Excellence practitioners now form an integral part of the LineView Solutions’ Operational Improvements team.